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What is offered in the FMI membership?
The FMI membership unlocks all stock analytics engines on our website. Our extremely powerful AI tools show you the best investment opportunities available using algorithms that you will not find anywhere else on the internet. Other companies may offer analytics tools such as stock screeners or robo-traders, but there are major problems with both. The insights you will get from our Statistical AI Stock Scoring Algorithm combined with our Quantile Analytics cannot be matched anywhere else on the web. Additionally, you will have access to the Portfolio Correlation Calculator which is a powerful portfolio balancing tool used by professional portfolio managers and investment professionals. Correlation is critical to diversification and you can read here to learn why. As a standing member, you will also be provided premier access to all future FMI enhancements. We have many more tools to come that may cause membership fees to rise, but yours will be fixed for the remainder of your membership. There is no other place on the internet where this quality of analytics exists on the internet. Sign Up Today
What is the best Investment Platform / Finance App on the market today?
There are a variety of financial platforms available today. Ideally, you want one with the lowest fees possible. As a beginner investor, a basic platform like SoFi may suit your needs. As an intermediate to advanced investor, no single platform will provide everything you will want. If you would like to learn more, check out my article that surveys todays' available financial platforms, provides ratings, and helps you understand what each offers.
When should I start investing?
Short answer: today. Long answer: As soon as you possible. If you are new to investing, check out my New to Investing article that explains the benefits of the investing mindset.
I want to Invest, but I just don't have the money
Do you wake up every morning with a freshly brewed cup on starbucks coffee? Do you have multiple entertainment subscriptions such as Netflix, Hulu and HBO? Do you spend money on online games or shopping on a weekly basis? Any of these activities can be forgone and that money can be invested starting today. A cup of coffe per day could be re-invested to be worth $1million over your lifetime


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